when voices detach themselves, gary lundy

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when voices detach themselves by gary lundy

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Poetry that is constructed of bits and pieces of relationship, vulnerability, love, narrative, images, bodies and longing while seeking to find understanding, or at least calm, amid the discordant endings and beginnings life provides. Full of striking and provocative writing at the internal and external edges of awareness.

when voices detach themselves by gary lundy (poetry)

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when voices detach themselves by gary lundy

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The remnants of love and fragmented voices shape the narrative of Gary Lundy’s when voices detach themselves. You will be enthralled with Lundy’s lines. Each line constructed of images that breathe vulnerability onto the pages of a narrative that brings you in close to the voices of longing, and even closer to the voices and bodies trying to find harmony amid discord.

—Donnelle McGee, Shine (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2012)

at lundy’s house. which isn’t a house. of course. and most everything is shot. in black and white of course. and it’s nothing like your house. this heartbreak i mean. which has everything to do with you. and nothing. to do with the writer or what’s left. which obviously means it has everything to do with both and with some kind of blue forgiving. which brings us to these voices in this voice detached. determined to attach your detachment focused. lundy’s house “in its promise of pleasure . . . becomes its own motivator . . . unrestricted . . . blocking escape . . . prior to the grip of fear . . . will no longer speak to you.” if. or. don’t. this your chance. open. house voices write. on more.

—mark gibbons, Forgotten Dreams (Foothills Publishing, 2012)

poet, gary lundy

gary lundy

gary lundy is the author of three poetry chapbooks: this making i tore the sight fromlavish is saying nothing like again, and to each other water cool and pure. His work has appeared in a variety of magazines and journals including: SpoutMain Street Rag, Taproot Literary ReviewThe Rockford ReviewRiversEdgeVoices IsraelditchThe Bicycle ReviewDown in the DirtAskewMy Favorite BulletCedilla, and Indefinite Space. He lives in Missoula, Montana.

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