Jennifer Juneau

More Than Moon
poems by Jennifer Juneau

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More Than Moon

Jennifer Juneau's poems aesthetically explore broken relationships, love, the world around her, life, and mental health in clear imagery that conveys life in the 21st Century. She explores her life and world as a careful observer of the details that reflect mood and emotion while letting us feel the glimmers of joy and hope that are possible. Her writing has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, the Million Writers Award and a Sundress Best of the Net. It is gathered here for the first time in a collection. Readers will treasure these poems and return to them again and again.


Intellect flirts with beauty and feelings conjure meanings, in Jennifer Juneau’s bold new collection. Addresses to desire and loss—the works lead to solace and resolution. Lyric rigor is matched by interior depth, aligning solid craftwork with a well-developed persona. An aesthetic breakthrough, forged in the discipline of the author’s praxis. Sparks fly from this crackling poetry.

—Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, author of Blue Lyre

Gather up a loved one or a foe, it doesn’t matter which, sit them down, pour them a glass of sherry, and read to them out loud from this wondrous collection which proudly bears the combined influence of Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath on its linguistically tapestried sleeves, yet strikes out in its own direction as well. You are both in for a treat. Or you can curl up and read these silently, to yourself. Whatever you do, keep your ears open for the rich musicality in these poems. 

—Elizabeth MacDuffie, editor of Meat for Tea

Jennifer Juneau’s poetry is rich with the music of language, its sounds and suggestions; feminine in its lunar sway, wearing “a skirt of words” that shifts and undulates with her thoughts. Whether the soft focus is on a painting, a fairy tale, a symphony or song, her language is subtle and insinuating, a “two-toned twine of events, woven stoned & plastered on the fringes.” You can lose yourself in the verses of More Than Moon. You can find yourself.

 —Charles Rammelkamp, author of American Zeitgeist

Jennifer Juneau (photo by Arthur Kayeblog)